Diagno Finland Oy, a leading player in the Finnish garage equipment and services sector, has launched the e-Expert concept to support the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. The over 50 garages that are part of the e-Expert concept have personnel trained in electric vehicle technology as well as up-to-date garage equipment. All servicing and repairs are carried out according to the car manufacturer's instructions, regardless of the brand, thus ensuring that the car’s factory warranty remains valid. Diagno is the coordinator and developer of the e-Expert concept. The company provides ongoing training for e-Expert garages and also ensures that garage equipment is kept up to date.

Lack of solutions for extending the lifecycle of high-voltage batteries

The use of electric cars is increasing at a rapid pace, and the challenges connected with electric car batteries will also grow significantly in the coming years. In the near future, we will be seeing explosive growth in the need for Li-Ion battery repairs. The number of Li-Ion battery cars on the road will increase by more than 30% per year over the next decade. The first generation of electric cars are already at the stage where their batteries need repair or replacement but their warranty has expired. More detailed information and statistics are available via this download link.

No international solutions have yet been found for the repair of ageing batteries or for the reuse of batteries that have reached the end of their lifecycle. There are no international operators in the market who specialise in the reuse and repair of batteries and who serve both brand organisations and the independent garage sector.

Objectives of the research project:

The project focuses on the research and development of battery lifecycles and battery recycling. It is divided into three main components:

  • Enabling the reuse of batteries as spare parts
  • Enabling reuse as repaired batteries
  • Enabling the extension of the battery lifecycle by utilising measurement data obtained during use

The research project is managed by Diagno Finland Oy and is being carried out in cooperation with a number of pioneering companies and Finnish higher education institutions. Funding has been obtained from Business Finland's Smart Mobility and Batteries programme, and the project’s final report will answer the question of whether it is possible to build battery reuse solutions for vehicle use.

The project was launched in early 2022 and is expected to run for around 15 months.

Download a more detailed information package about the project